Aikatsu! Pretty Cure!
Aikatsu! Purikyua!
General Information
Created byLeenaCandy
Created onMarch 25, 2015
NetworkPoppu TV
EpisodesMore than 70
Series Info
PredecessorSpectrum Pretty Cure! Color On!
SuccessorElectric Shock Pretty Cure!

Aikatsu! Pretty Cure! (アイカツ!プリキュア! Aikatsu! Purikyua!?) is the last series by LeenaCandy. It was replacing Spectrum Pretty Cure! Color On! and it is initial slot. The motifs are based on Aikatsu!.



Pretty Cures

Present Idols/Cures

Design Name
Cure Strawberry Hoshimiya Ichigo
Cure Ice Kiriya Aoi
Cure Orchid Shibuki Ran
Cure Mango Arisugawa Otome
Cure Lolita Todo Yurika
Cure Cherry Kitaoji Sakura
Cure Joker Ichinose Kaede
Cure Idol Kanzaki Mizuki
Cure Poppy Otoshiro Seira
Cure Apple Saegusa Ki
Cure Cloud Kazesawa Sora
Cure Maple Himesato Maria
Cure Clover Kamiya Shion
Cure Crown Ozora Akari
Cure Jalepeno Kurebayashi Juri
Cure Lilac Hikami Sumire
Cure Tahitan Shinjo Hinaki
Cure Zombie Kurosawa Rin
Cure Opalite Fujiwara Miyabi
Cure Feather Amahane Madoka
Cure Starlet Hattori Yu
Cure Currant Daichi Nono
Cure Fusion Shirakaba Lisa
Cure Poodle Dojima Nina

Supporting Characters



  • Tokyo - the Cures' hometown




Please refer to the page: Aikatsu! Pretty Cure! Merchandise.


  • Aikatsu! Pretty Cure! is the second season to had a featuring based on Magical Girls. After PriPara Pretty Cure!.
  • Aikatsu! Pretty Cure! is the second season after ★SMTown Pretty Cure!★, because there had looks like reality series. But both Aikatsu and SMTown cannot make appearance in Pretty Cure All Stars in this wiki.
  • Aikatsu! Pretty Cure! marks LeenaCandy's tenth series of her generation! XD
  • This season had sixteen idols (eight cures/idols appear first, the other eight cures/idols appears later)


I don't own Aikatsu in this season. This is owned by TV Tokyo.


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