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Aino Minako
愛野 美奈子
Aino Minako
Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure,

Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: R, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: Stars

Personal Info
Age14 (Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure and Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: R), 15 (Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S and Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS), 16 (Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: Stars)

Magical girl

Advanced human

BirthdayOctober 22
Blood TypeB
Height157 cm (5'2")
Hair ColorGolden orange (Minako)

Blond (Cure Venus "V")

Eye ColorBlue
FamilyUnnamed parents
Home PlaceShiba Koen, Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Venus (The Silver Millennium) Moon (The Silver Millennium, temporary) Crystal Tokyo, Neo Earth

First AppearancePSPC01 (As Cure V)

PSPC24 (Formal)

Voice Actor(s)Ito Shizuka
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Venus

Cure V (Alias of alter-ego)

PowerLight and love
WeaponPretty Cure Crescent Boomerang (Cure V only)

Pretty Cure Romance Sword (Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: R which later returns powered up as the Eternal Pretty Cure star Love laser sword) Pretty Cure Love Whip (Super and eternal)

LoyaltyPretty Cure

The Moon Kingdom Crystal Tokyo

Theme ColorYellow

Aino Minako is the final cure to appear in Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure but there is more PreCure introduced in the following seasons in the series of PSPC (i.e Cure Chibi Moon, Cure Pluto, etc.). She is from Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: R, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: Stars. She attends Shiba Koen Junior High School and hates her studies but is amazing at physical activity. Minako becomes Usagi's idol after Usagi discovers the true identity of Cure V.

Minako's alter ego is Cure Venus (治療金星 Kyua Vu~īnasu) and her alter ego has another alias of Cure V (治すV Kyua Vu~ī). As Cure Venus her main color is yellow. She represents love and passion. Her powers are enhanced jumping and speed like her teammates but she has a few other powers such as photokinesis (Light bending) and enhanced strength.

Her catchphrase (after transformation) is "The guardian of love and passion! Cure Venus!" (愛と情熱の守護者! 金星を治す! Ai to jōnetsu no gādian! Kyua Vu~īnasu!)

Personal information Edit

  • Name: Minako Aino
  • Birthday: October 22[1]
  • Zodiac: Libra[2]
  • Height: 157 cm (5'2")[3]
  • Blood type: B[4]

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