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Mikito Lushika
Mikito Lushika
Age12 and a half
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
AkihsulKaz is the founder of Pretty Cure Fanseries Wiki and has contributed to other wikis like Fandom of Pretty Cure Wiki and MSPA Forum Trollslum Wiki.

Basic Info Edit

AkihsulKaz is more preferred to as Aki, Zumi or Frans, while Shine is more of a nickname by her close friends. Her MBTI Personality is ENFP (Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception). Her gender identity is unknown (likely said to be a demigirl) while her sexuality is pansexual.

Works Edit

FnF Pretty Cure Franchise Edit

Home of most of Frans's fan series. It is the fan pretty cure franchise in which is like a normal pretty cure franchise. Its main motifs are gems and teamwork.

Fandom Cure Franchise Edit

The franchise in which involves Pretty Cure crossovers with multiple fandoms such as Homestuck, Combostuck, Undertale, etc.

Combostuck Edit

A collaborated fan-adventure with a fellow friend. This tells a story of two different teams who have to cooperate and defeat a virus from a game that would cause chaos to their planets. Its page can be read here.

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