Battle Princess Pretty Cure is a 52-episode anime to be made by Toei Company and it would be sponsored by Bandai.

characters Edit

  1. Ashley Whitley - a 14 year old girl who is quite mature, level-headed and composed. her alter ego is: Cure Ribbon. her main color is pink.
  2. Sarah West - a 19 year old girl who is quite spunky and energetic, but sometimes a bit naive. She is sometimes confused about things, but she really likes to learn. Her alter ego is: Cure Wish. her main color is blue.
  3. Miriam Rolles - a 17 year old girl who has a strong sense of responsibility who can sometimes be strict as well but cares for others like a caring older sister. She dreams of becoming a respectable person who can be useful to others. her alter ego is: Cure Locket. her main color is yellow.
  4. Sandra Johnson - a 16 year old girl who is famous for being the most athletic and sporty girl in school and is admired by many female students. She enjoys all kinds of sports and spends a great deal of time watching them on TV. her alter ego is: Cure Bravery. her main color is red.

Color Pallettes Edit

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