Beautiful Pretty Cure (ビューティフルプリキュア) is the first fan-made series made by Precurefan23.

Characters Edit

Naru Akemi (あけみ) a 13-year old girl who is energetic and sweet. She has loved upon her loved ones and everyone around her. She is a major sweet tooth, and is a huge girly girl. She is Cure Espoir (キュアエスパワール), the Pretty Cure of hope and her colour is pink

Tsukiyama Kanari (月山 かなり) a 13-year old girl who is Akemi's childhood friend. She is very lively and is a bookworm. Unlike Akemi, she is very healthy. She is Cure Mirakel (キュアミラケイル), the Pretty Cure of Miracles and her colour is blue.

Wakabayashi Fumiko (若林 ふみこ) a 14-year old girl who is a professional baker. Her teammates love her treats, making her happy and loved. She hopes to go to Canada because of it's sights and i's people. She is Cure International (キュアインターナショナル), the Pretty Cure of the Sky and her colour is green.

Ichikawa Yo (市川 よ) a 12 year old girl who is shy and relaxed. Added halfway through the series, she is pretty good for fighting. She never had any friends until she met Akemi, Kanari, and Fumiko. She is Cure Divit (キュアジビート), the Pretty Cure of Wonders and her colour is yellow.

Plot Edit

Naru Akemi, a first-year middle school student, is at her school entrance ceremony, until a huge monster suddenly popped out of nowhere.Akemi, wanting to protect the school, suddenly transformed into Cure Espoir!

Mascots Edit

  • Sweetie (スイティ Suiti) Sweetie is the mascot of the group. She was sent to Earth to find Pretty Cure to save Candyland.
  • Otana (大人) Otana is a dog-like fairy and is the second mascot. He is the cousin of Sweetie.

Destruction Land Edit

  • Brick- a cat-like human. He has the ability to make people fall in despair
  • Lameo- Brick's sidekick.


Minor Characters Edit

  • Naru Haru- Akemi's mother.
  • Naru Seiji- Akemi's father. Haru stands up for Akemi for Seiji's strict personality.
  • Naru Yayoi- Akemi's little sister. She is 9.
  • Tsukiyama Hibiki- Kanari's mother.
  • Wakabayashi Ai- Fumiko's mother. She is kind and caring.
  • Wakabayashi Tristan- Fumiko's uncle. He is born in Canada.
  • Mizu-sensei- Akemi's and Kanari's teacher.
  • Kuruwa-sensei- Fumiko's teacher
  • Hoshikawa-sensei- Yo's strict teacher.


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