The Dark Pretty Cure (ダークプリキュア Dākupurikyua) are a group of 5 very humanoid droids created by Esmeraude to defeat the Pretty Cure, capture Chibiusa, and to get the Silver Crystal. They are the evil version of the pretty cure. They reappear multiple times in Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S (recreated by Tomoe Souichi as droids), Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS (reborn as Lemures and nightmares of the Pretty Cure), and were recreated by Galaxia in Stars as her minions. The hold a huge dislike for the pretty cure.

Members Edit

Cure Dark Moon (キュアダークムーンKyuadākumūn)

Cure Dark Moon is the leader and was originally created from a moonstone.

Cure Dark Mercury (キュアダークマーキュリー Kyuadākumākyurī)

Cure Dark Mercury is the brains of the team and was originally created from an Emerald.

Cure Dark Mars (キュアダークマーズ Kyuadākumāzu)

She is the assistant to Cure Dark Venus and was originally created from a Coral.

Cure Dark Jupiter (キュアダークジュピター Kyuadākujupitā)

Cure Dark Jupiter is the strongest of the 5 and was originally created from a yellow sapphire.

Cure Dark Venus (キュアダークヴィーナス Kyuadākuvu~īnasu)

She's the second in command of the team and was originally created from a diamond.

Allies Edit

Trivia Edit

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