Destiny Beam Pretty Cure!
Desutinu Bimu Purikyua
General Information
Created byUser: MGPCCureHip-Hop
Created onMarch 09,2015
Original RunUndecided
Opening SongMy Shining Soul!
Ending SongHere comes the light!
Series Info
PredecessorOpen-Up Pretty Cure!
SuccessorSparkling Beat Pretty Cure!

Destiny Beam Pretty Cure! is the fifth series in User: MGPCCureHip-Hop's Pretty Cure Fanseries franchise. It's theme is all about lights. (Sun,Moon, And Stars).

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

Pretty Cure Edit

Mascots Edit

  • Future : This series main mascot. Future looks like a playful rabbit.

Antagonists Edit

Supporting Characters Edit

Items Edit

  • Heart Lockets : The cures transformation items. It looks like a Heart shaped Locket that used by the cures to transform. They yell out "Precure, Light Activate.
  • Light Pen : The transformation item of Flicker Light. It looks like a pen, with a wings shaped thingy on the cap. She yelled out "Lights around the world, Lend me your powers!". Then she draw a crescent, star, sun, and heart in front of her.
  • Glow Swords : The main weapons of the cures.
  • Light Wings Baton : The main weapon of flicker light.

Locations Edit

Merchandise Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first precure fanseries on hip-hop's franchise, to use weapons to attack.

References Edit

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