Twinkle's Shooting Star DUK in Episode 17 "Let's do this!"
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Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Fuken Misato Finial Countter's Tachibana Rem Finial Countter {{{4}}} 3:16 Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS - Ana no Kuro Yume
Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS - Soundtrack Crystal I

Dorīmu ♫ Pinkunōsagi no Uta (ドリーム♫ピンクのうさぎの歌 lit. Dream ♫ Song of a Pink Rabbit) is the ending song of Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS - Ana no Kuro Yume and it is preformed by Fuken Misato with the background music by Finial Countter.


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