This is the episode category for Dream Charge Pretty Cure

Episode # Episode Title Villain Air Date
DCPC01 The Shining Moon! Cure Eclipse is Born!
輝くの月! キュアエクリプスが誕生!
"Kagayaku no Tsuki! Kyua Ekuripusu tanjō!"
Medusa TBA
To be added...
DCPC02 The Blooming Flower! Cure Spring Appears!
"Burūmingu Furawā! Kyua Supuringu wa kochira!"
Medusa TBA
To be added...
DCPC03 The Icy Wind! Cure Snow is Here!
"Kogoeru kaze! Kyua Sunō koko ni aru! "
Medusa TBA
To be added...
DCPC04 A Passionate Soul! Cure Blaze,The Final Cure!
情熱魂!キュアブレイズ、最終 キュア
"Jōnetsu tamashī! Kyua Bureizu, saishū Kyua "
Medusa TBA
To be added...
DCPC05 We're All Here! Together We are Dream Charge Pretty Cure!
私たちは皆ここにいる! ふたりはドリームチャージ プリキュア!
"Watashitachi wa mina koko ni iru! Futari wa Dorīmu Chāji Purikyua! "
Zombozo TBA
To be added...

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