Elemental Jewel Pretty Cure
エレメンタル ジュエル プリキュア
Erementaru Jueru Purikyua
General Information
Created byAnime Angel72
Created onFebuary 27, 2015
Original Rununknown
Ending SongYour Mirror (Ep. 1-24)
Series Info
Theme(s)Elements and Jewels
PredecessorRoyal Heart Pretty Cure
SuccessorRainbow Sky Pretty Cure

Elemental Jewel Pretty Cure is the fourth series Anime Angel72's Pretty Cure franchise. It's theme is the elements and jewels.

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

Pretty Cure Edit

Akashiya Hina (赤夜 ひな Akashiya Hina)/Cure Inferno -

Mizuno Nanami (水乃 ななみ Mizuno Nanami)/Cure Ocean -

Morinozuka Ryokka (森野塚 りょっか Morinozuka Ryokka)/Cure Nature -

Mascots Edit

Antagonists Edit

Supporting Characters Edit

Items Edit

Locations Edit

Media Edit

Movies Edit

Pretty Cure All Stars Miracle Heart: Protect The Melody of Love - A feature length film featuring the Cures from Dream Charge all the way to Elemental Jewel who gather to protect the Melody of Love.

Trivia Edit

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