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Genesis☆Pretty Cure!
General Information
Created byAkihsulKaz
Created onMay 1, 2015

July 29, 2017 (Reboot)

Opening Song☆BLOOM!☆Genesis☆Pretty Cure!
Ending Song~Connected Through the Skies~


Series Info
Theme(s)constellations, flowers, happiness
PredecessorSpectrum Heart Pretty Cure!
SuccessorCombo Pretty Cure!
Genesis☆Pretty Cure! (ジェネシス☆プリキュア! Jeneshisu☆Purikyua) is the second installment in AkihsulKaz's franchise. Its main motifs are constellations, flowers, and happiness.



Pretty Cure

  • Hamada Sayuri (浜田 小百合 Hamada Sayuri) / Cure Lily (キュアリリー Kyua Rirī)
  • Hayashi Shizuka (林 静夏 Hayashi Shizuka) / Cure Pentas (キュアペンタス Kyua Pentasu)
  • Fukuda Kimiko (福田 君子 Fukuda Kimiko) / Cure Rose (キュアローズ Kyua Rōzu)
  • Otaki Airi (大瀧 愛莉 Otaki Airi) / Cure Jasmine (キュアジャスミン Kyua Jasumin)


  • Pust (パスト Pasuto) : a rabbit-like fairy from Galaxia. He is one of Galaxia's guardians and is known as the "Guardian of the Skies". He likes to joke around and can morph into a human, looking like a middle student. He ends most of his sentences with "~pasu".
  • Lumiere (リュミエール Ryumiēru) : a cat-like fairy from Galaxia and one of Galaxia's famed guardians as the "Guardian of the Light". She is calm and reserved and like the others, can morph into a human as a high school student. She ends most of her sentences with "~ryumi".
  • Ziet (ツァイト Tsu~aito) : a bird-like fairy and the last of Galaxia's guardians. He is known as the "Guardian of Time". He's very smart and can morph into a human in his college ages. He ends most of his sentences with "~aito".
  • Plass (プラス Purasu) : a dog-like fairy who is the prince of Galaxia.
  • Stella (ステラ Sutera) : a fox-like fairy who is the princess of Galaxia.


  • Void (ボイド Boido) : the main antagonist of the series.
  • Vissna (ヴィスナ Vu~isuna) : the main monsters in the series. A Vissna is summoned from a person who has a feeling of sadness and anger.

Supporting Characters


  • Starry Pact (スターリーパクト Sutārī Pakuto) : the transformation devices of the Cures. With the Kirakirakyuu, the Cures transform by yelling, "Pretty Cure, Blooming Link!".
  • Kirakirakyuu (キラキラキュウ Kirakirakyuu) : the main collectible items in the series. They're colored orbs in the size of a coin. There are a total of 88 Kirakirakyuu in the series and each orb is represented by a constellation. 12 of these are used by the Cures to transform and attack. When all Kirakirakyuu are collected by the Cures, would be able to restore Galaxia to its former beauty.
  • Kirarin Rod (キラリンロッド Kirarin Roddo) : the Cures' baton-shaped weapon that together with a Kirakirakyuu, would enable the Cures to perform their purification attacks.


  • Galaxia (ギャラクシア Gyarakushia) : a mystic world where the fairies originated from. It is a world full of various creatures and is empowered by the power of Kirakirakyuu.
  • Black Hole (ブラックホール Burakku Hōru) : a dark land located in the depths of Galaxia.
  • Hanasora Town (ハナソラ町 Hanasora Chō) : the main setting of the series and the hometown of the Cures.


Please refer to the main page Genesis☆Pretty Cure! Merchandise for more information.



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