Heart Spiral
is part of the Prism Pretty Cure! Series and belongs to Infinity Mirai

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Heart Spiral (ハートスパイラル ! Hāto Supairaru!?) is Cure Infinity's main attack in Prism Pretty Cure!, which appears in episode 1 to purify a flower Kurayami.


Cure Infinity closes her eyes and cuffs her hands over her bow while emitting a pink light from herself. A spiral of hearts and light rays begin to surround her. She opens her eyes and reaches out to the Kurayami. When she says "Pretty Cure", the tiny hearts and light rays float around and temporally freezes her opponent. Then when she says "Heart Spiral", the tiny hearts then closes in on the enemy, purifying it within a white-hued light. After the enemy is purified and the wish is revealed Cure Infinity says "That's a great wish".



Cure Infinity: プリキュア! ハートスパイラル!


Cure Infinity: Puri Kyua! Hāto Supairaru!


Cure Infinity: Pretty Cure! Heart Spiral!


  • This attack is Cure Infinity's main purification attack.
  • This is the fourth finishing attack that uses the word "Heart", after My Sweet Heart, Heart Shoot, and Heart Dynamite.


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