Ichiro grew up with his powers being out of control, regardless he was praised by his parents because of the destruction it caused, and developed a twisted way of thinking. He was forced to do harsh and cruel training and committed many acts, much to himself and his older brother Vincent's dismay. One day, he met Juliet, who became friends with Vincent ever since the truce between the two kingdoms. Ichiro's attitude towards her at first was rather cold and reluctant; because of the accidents where he harmed and manipulated her kingdom's citizens, but turns into confusion as Juliet says that she forgives him and that he did nothing wrong. Ichiro then began to doubt what defined right and wrong. Sometime later, his parents pasted away from unknown circumstances along with Juliet's parents.

After the incident, Ichiro became insecure about the actions that he had done in the past, and thought he was "useless" because he made those mistakes. This lead him to permanently stop using his shadow power. During these times, Ichiro's butler Sorrow would always be there to support him. He'd usually tell Ichiro, "No matter what you've done, if you have the courage to admit your faults and do what you truly think is right. You can become who 'you' want to be." It was this friendship that kept Ichiro from falling too deep into depression.

However, Vincent slowly started to change and became violent to both Ichiro and the people close to him. Ichiro began to dislike Vincent, especially after overhearing his brother's goals and not wanting to be a part of it. Sadly, Vincent manipulated Sorrow's memories in an attempt to make Ichiro obey him, which he did for a short amount of time. Ichiro suddenly met Frore a one day while scouting the area between the two kingdoms. Frore wasn't afraid of Ichiro, and thus began their short friendship.

After the Light Kingdom's destruction, Ichiro decided to runaway to earth.

Prism Pretty Cure!

Episode 1

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Prism Pretty Cure! 5 ★S

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