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Kaiou Michiru
海王 みちる
Kaiō Michiru
Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S,

Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: Stars

Personal Info
Age16 (Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S and Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS)

17 (Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: Stars)


Magical girl

Advanced human

BirthdayMarch 6
Blood TypeO
Height163 cm (5'4")
Hair ColorDark green (Michiru)

Teal (Cure Neptune, Princess Michiru)

Eye ColorBaby blue eyes (Michiru)

Deep blue (Cure Neptune, Princess Michiru)

Home PlaceTokyo, Japan
First AppearancePSPCS01 (As a silhouette form of Cure Neptune observing the fight alongside Cure Uranus)

PSPCS02 (Proper)

Voice Actor(s)Ohara Sayaka
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Neptune
WeaponDeep Aqua Mirror
LoyaltyPretty Cure

The Moon Kingdom Crystal Tokyo

Theme Colorsea-green (main) and navy-blue (sub)

Kaio Michiru is the 9th PreCure to be introduced from Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS, and Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: Stars. She attends Mugen Academy with her lover Tenou Haruka. She is a very artistic student and is the walking form of beauty and elegance.

Her alter-ego is Cure Neptune (キュア・ネプチューン Kyua Nepuchūn) and as her alter-ego she still has her elegance. Her theme colors are sea-green and navy-blue. She represents the seas and love. Her powers are the obvious enhanced speed and jumping but she has a few other abilities such as hydrokinesis and sensing negative energy from wave-telling.

Her catchphrase (after transformation) is "The guardian of the seas and love! Cure Neptune!" (海と愛の守護者! キュア・ネプチューン! Umi to ai no gādian! Kyua nepuchūn!)

Personal information Edit

  • Name: Michiru Kaioh
  • Birthday: March 6 [1]
  • Zodiac: Pisces [2]
  • Height: 163 cm (5'4") [3]
  • Blood type: O [4]

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