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Lovely Paradise Pretty Cure♥
Raburī Paradaisu Purikyua♥
General Information
Created byUser:IAEJFPGforever
Created onDecember 24, 2015
Original RunUndecided
Opening SongWelcome! Lovely Paradise Pretty Cure!
Ending SongDelicious Paradise
Series Info
Theme(s)Flavours, sweets, desserts
PredecessorSparkle! Love Pretty Cure
SuccessorLovely Paradise Pretty Cure♥Sweet

Lovely Paradise Pretty Cure♥ (ラブリーパラダイスプリキュア♥ Raburī Paradaisu Purikyua♥) is IAEJFPGforever's 3rd series in her franchise. Its theme is flavors, sweets, and desserts.



Pretty Cure


Sour Land

Supporting Characters





  • This is the first series to have all 3 Cures need each other to transform.
  • IAEJFPGforever got the idea of making this series when she was watching Tokyo Mew Mew.
  • IAEJFPGforever said that she got the title of this series from a manga that's called Neko Paradise. Although it's not a good manga so don't read it.
  • She also said, "It was a half good thing and bad thing that I checked this manga. First I know a title for my dessert-themed series although the content is very mature...".


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