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Lovely Paradise Pretty Cure♥Sweet
Raburī Paradaisu Purikyua♥Suu~īto
General Information
Created byUser:IAEJFPGforever
Created onDecember 28, 2014
Opening SongTBA
Ending SongTBA
Series Info
Theme(s)Flavors, sweets, desserts, fruits
PredecessorLovely Paradise Pretty Cure♥
SuccessorSeason Wonder Pretty Cure!

Lovely Paradise Pretty Cure♥Sweet is IAEJFPGforever's 4th series in her franchise and the sequel of Paradise Pretty Cure. The story continues after the Cures defeated Sour Land and they met Wakabayashi Usagi, Princess of Fruit Kingdom. Usagi stated Sour Land has a new ruler and will seek revenge.

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

Pretty Cure Edit

Mascots Edit

  • Berry : The series' main mascot.
  • Pancake : Usagi's mascot partner.

Sour Land Edit

Supporting Characters Edit

Items Edit

Locations Edit

Merchandise Edit

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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