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Mitsue Tooka -

Mitsue Kaede -


Yukimura Aiko - Sayuri has been Aiko's childhood friend since elementary. They met during the time Sayuri was being bullied for her terrible tasting cakes. When Aiko saw this she defended her, despite being scared herself, and said that her cake was delicious, encouraging her to do her best. Sayuri's loyalties to Aiko run deep as a result of this fateful encounter. Thus she is very overprotective of her friend and clings to her often. Sayuri is the one who gave Aiko the nickname "Ai-chan".

Tiara - Tiara is a bear-like fairy mascot and Sayuri's transformation partner.

Akanishi Ren - Is one of Sayuri's friends, and her Pretty Cure teammate.

Kawasaki Aoi - A senior that Sayuri met recently whom she tells her doubts to.

Kage Ichiro - A funny but very complicated friendship. Sayer immediately shows an unfriendly and jealous attitude towards Ichiro because of his rather close friendship with Aiko which happened rather abruptly. She is known to ignore him and always tries to 'protect' Aiko from him. Their relationship started off quite bad, to be honest. It turns a bit worse because he hid the fact that he was living with Aiko, which was unintentional, however, over time, their relationship gets better.

Matsushima Taro -

Matsushima Tomiko -

Sorrow -


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