Muse! Let's Activate! Lovely Lovely Kirakira! (ミューズ!のは、アクティブにしましょう​​!ラブリーラブリーキラキラ! Myuuzu! No wa, Akutibu ni shimashou! Raburi Raburi kirakira!?) is the transformation phrase in Muse!♥Pretty Cure★☆. To activate the transformation, there are using Cure Musettes from Musette Microphones for Cures and Warriors and Espoir Mirror for Cure Espoir.

List of AppearancesEdit


All Cures and Warriors are activate the Musette Microphone from Cure Musettes and there are speaking the phrase, then it clicks the center of Cure Musettes in each color, transition, and styles. First, all of Cures and Warriors are glowing their bodies in each theme color. First, there are spinning the color ribbons to create the arm warmers, boots, and dress. Then highly spin their Microphones to their hair will gets styled and their accesories appears. Then, there are posing onwards to create the representives, and there are strike their pose.

As Cure Espoir, the Espoir Mirror was opening and it reflects to activate the Cure Musette. She speaks the speech then she spins a pact activator to start the transformation. She starts to flying and it sparks herself, then her Mirror was glowing and she was spinning higher. Then her form appears. Then her Espoir Mirror was hungs on her hips. She was posing then, she was speaking her speech.






  • This is the fourth transformation phrase to "set" the items.
  • This is the fifth transformation phrase to striking a pose.
  • The phrase was same as Magi magi magiiro~ due to Lovely lovely kirakira~ from Mahou Sentai Magiranger.

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