These are the current episodes of Mytho! Mystic Force Pretty Cure. If there is any inconsistencies message me. Want episodes you'd like to see for this? Ask in the comments and I'll add them! I plan on adding special episodes later..

Episode # Title Villain Air Date

"The fire of beginnings! The fiery Cure Phoenix takes stage!"
始まりの火! 激しいキュアフェニックスがステージに登場!
Hajimari no hi! Hageshī Kyua Fenikkusu ga sutēji ni tōjō!

Princess Liyla October 10, 2015
Thousands of years ago, Earth and a magical realm were one plane of existence, this plane was called Terragoina until the dark side of magic rose up in the form of Octominous Empire led by Emperor Tivous and began to take over the land. 18 warriors arose that welded immense powers, the pretty cure. They, other great wizards, and royalty in the land used all their powers to seal away magic from the less magical land that later became Earth. Present day, Nicolle "Niki" Starlight, a 14 year old girl moves to a new city, Lakehill City. She later on walks through a reserved forest that had a protection spell on it broken to soon meet a cat genie named XiXi and a young wizard named Briana. Princess Liyla, the daughter of Emperor Tivous appears and turns an elf in despair after loosing his family into a Morngo. Nicolle's power awakens and must make a choice. Will she save Earth and Morgoina or let everything end?

"Stay strong! A school ground bully the monster!"
強く生きろ! 学校のグラウンドはモンスターをいじめる!
Tsuyoku ikiro! Gakkō no guraundo wa monsutā o ijimeru!

Shirgo and Shino October 17, 2015
After saving the village and healing the elf, Nicolle begins to be taught the ways of the Pretty Cure and the vows she has made when she transformed. Nicolle then takes on the job as a baby-sitter for a 6-year-old girl named Indigo Belmany. While at a park a bully begins to harass little Indigo, the negative energy being released summoned Shirgo and Shino whom turned the playground, the bully, and Indigo into three different Morngos. Nicolle transforms into Cure Phoenix and is ready to save the day, but it won't be easy when it's 1 on 3. Can she enlist the help of XiXi or will she fail?

"Oak's heart! Cure Minotaur joins the adventure!"
オークの心臓! キュアミノタウルスが冒険に参加!
Ōku no shinzō! Kyua Minotaurusu ga bōken ni sanka!

Cure Wolf October 24, 2015
Nikki meets Xanthia Woods, but she likes to be called 'Zen' at a garden nursery owned by Zen's family, a week after defeating the three Morngos with the help of Cure Blizzard. A boy named Damien Lee shames himself for having a crush on Zen and that negative energy including some other strong energy released from him begins to spread across the city and grabs the attention of Cure Wolf and the royal vampire twins. Cure Wolf and Shirgo duel to soon have Cure Wolf leave off to summon an actual Minotaur! The city is soon turned into the Minotaur's labyrinth and might cover the whole world & suck out the life of the planet with the negative energy. Nicolle transforms yet again to stop the chaos, but this monster is stronger than the 3 Morgas she fought the week previously. She's gonna need the help of a new Pretty Cure or Cure Blizzard.

"The thunderstorm Pretty Cure arrives! Cure Lightning!"
雷雨プリティキュアが到着! ライト・キュア!
Raiu puritikyua ga tōchaku! Kyua Raitoningu!

Cure Wolf November 7, 2015
Nicolle and Zen begin training with the assistance of Briana. Both girls find a magical hot spot where some athletic conflicts happen and probably have the ability to summon some dark magic, the school gym. They both do some investigating and discover that the next game at 8:30 PM on a full-moon and during a storm could be able to get some powerful magic sparking and give their enemies the much higher upperhand, so they both plan to go to the game. As the game begins a lightning bolt hits a powerline cutting the power from the building and others surrounding it. The fear and conflict causes Cure Wolf to show up and turns the star-player, Caitlyn Phoenix into a Morngo that sucks out all the energy of the people as the electricity of the world begins to fade into dark magic. In order to protect the Morngo, Cure Wolf turns the hoops into two different Morngos. Our heroines transform to possibly be defeated. All they need now is an electrical miracle.

"The gorgeous mermaid! Cure Siren!"
ゴージャスな人魚! サイレンを治療!
Gōjasuna ningyo! Kyua Sairen!

Shino November 14, 2015
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"The windstorm brings forth a fairy! Cure Fairy!"
嵐は妖精をもたらす! キュアフェアリー!
Arashi wa yōsei o motarasu! Kyua Fearī!

Shirgo November 21, 2015
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