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Nakimushi usagi no utsukushī henshin! Kyua mūn ni hairu!
Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure episode 1
泣き虫ウサギの美しい変身! キュアムーン!
"The crybaby Usagi's beautiful transformation! Enter Cure Moon!"
Episode Guide
Opening Pretty Cure! Pretty Soldiers!
Ending Heart ♥︎ Moving
Directed by Kon Chiaki
Written by Takeuchi Naoko

The crybaby Usagi's beautiful transformation! Enter Cure Moon! (泣き虫ウサギの美しい変身! キュアムーン! Nakimushi usagi no utsukushī henshin! Kyua mūn ni hairu!) is the first episode of Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure.

Synopsis Edit

Coming soon...

First Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the premiere episode.
  • This episode's OP and ED are slightly longer than the standard episodes
    • However, this a similar trend with the other PSCPC seasons; the premiere OP and ED is longer and the same goes for the finales.
  • Cure Moon indirectly mentions Cure V to the youma she was fighting.
    • Similarly, when Jadeite notices that the stream of energy coming from the youma stopped and he went to investigate, he mistakenly calls Cure Moon "Cure Venus", implying that he is aware of Cure V's true Pretty Cure identity.

Gallery Edit

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