Pretty Cure ARC-V (シーズンワンダープリキュア!Shīzun Wandā Purikyua!) is the 1st series in User:Lol-ionel!'s Pretty Cure Franchise. Its motif Dimensions

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

Pretty Cure Edit

  • Yuzu Hiiragi/Cure Pendulum
  • Nin Hiawatha/Cure Cerulean
  • Musumi Kotus/Cure Rose
  • Hojo Akaba/Cure Vesta
  • Hanuka Tenjo/Cure Epinard

Mascots Edit

  • En - a Cute Cat Like Mascot who wears a cute Bow he is brother to Corn
  • Core - A Cute Dog Like Mascot Who wears a cute ribbon on her neck she is a sister En

The Academia Edit

  • The Antagonist of ARC-V and Responsible For The Attack on Heartland And Resides in The Fusion Dimension.

Supporting Characters Edit

  • Nico Announces - a News Reporter Who Reports on The Pretty Cure Teams in The World

Items Edit

Locations Edit

Merchandise Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This Series Introduces Dimensions And The Cures All Have Counterparts to each other looking like each other
  • This is The First Pretty Cure Series Where The Lead Cure and Her Dimensional Counterparts Have a Berserk Mode.

References Edit

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