Pretty Cure All Stars: Alivia's Pretty Cure Series Crossover 2 is a Pretty Cure All Stars movie not with the original series. Just with Alivia's series.

Series: Wonderful Pretty Cure!, Miracle Idol Pretty Cure!, Super Duper Pretty Cure!, Beautiful Magical Pretty Cure!, Jewelish Pretty Cure!, K-on Pretty Cure!, Shining Miracle Pretty Cure!

Cures: Cure Wonderful, Cure Beautiful, Cure Cute, Cure Awesome, Cure Cool, Cure Idol, Cure Sky, Cure Sparkle, Cure Apple, Cure Sunset, Cure Cloud, Cure Grass, Cure Grape, Cure Indigo, Cure Super, Cure Duper, Cure Hero, Cure Warrior, Cure Clover, Cure Lavender, Cure Tulip, Cure Rose, Cure Cocoa, Cure Topa, Cure Sunflower, Cure Amethyst, Cure Garnet, Cure Peridot, Cure Quartz, Cure Cirtine, Cure Amber, Cure Moonstone, Cure Labradorite, Cure Onyx, Cure Lapis, Cure Chrysocolla, Cure Malachite, Cure Guitar, Cure Drum, Cure Bass, Cure Piano, Cure Standard, Cure Hyper.

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