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Pretty Cure All Stars - Broken dream: Act 1
プリキュアオールスターズ - 壊れた夢:第1幕
Purikyuaōrusutāzu - kowareta yume: Dai 1-maku
General Information
Series21moon24's series from the first Season of Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure downwards and includes the canon/official seasons so far.
Original ReleaseA few months after the first season of PSPC ended

Pretty Cure All Stars - Broken dream: Act 1 (プリキュアオールスターズ - 壊れた夢:第1幕 Purikyuaōrusutāzu - kowareta yume: Dai 1-maku) is of course an All Stars movie.

Announcement of the movie

The movie was announced the same day Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: Silver Memories was released. According to some sources the film was being made 2 days after completion of Silver Memories. It was released 3 months after Silver memories was.




Pretty Cure

Cure Moon Tsukino Usagi
Cure Mercury Mizuno Ami
Cure Mars Hino Rei
Cure Jupiter Kino Makoto
Cure Venus Aino Minako
Cure Sky Shirogane Takako
Cure Fire Kogane Kanon
Cure Water Kita Megumi
Cure Forest Midori Yuuki
Cure Rock Matsuoka Chikara
Cure Altea Fala
Cure Leo Cherice Forestar
Cure Sagittarius Prince Eli
Cure Gei Alesha Travert
Cure Min Adam Travert
Cure Libra Irene Duguay
Cure Taurus Jane Darcy
Cure Scorpio Daniel Jameson
Cure Aries Red Calister
Cure Virgo Lacy Winchester
Cure Ursa Ryan Weston
Cure Genie Xixi
Cure Aquarius Micheal Young
Cure Pisces Mina Williams
Cure Capricorn Davis Capri
Cure Phoenix Nicolle "Nikki" Starlight
Cure Minotaur Xanthia "Zen" Woods
Cure Lightning Caitlyn Phoenix
Cure Siren Valeria McKeniston
Cure Fairy Marie McKeniston
Cure Blizzard Briana
Cure Wolf Natalie
Cure Soloria Samantha Le Tros
Cure Luna Selene
  • Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure
Cure Miracle Mirai Asahina
Cure Magical Izayoi Riko
Cure Felice Ha-chan/Kotoha
  • Go! Princess Pretty Cure
Cure Flora Haruno Haruka
Cure Mermaid Kaido Minami
Cure Twinkle Amanogawa Kirara
Cure Scarlet Akagi Towa
  • Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!
Cure Lovely Aino Megumi
Cure Princess Shirayuki Hime
Cure Honey Omori Yuko
Cure Fortune Hikawa Iona
  • Doki Doki! Pretty Cure
Cure Heart Aida Mana
Cure Diamond Hishikawa Rikka
Cure Rosetta Yotsuba Alice
Cure Sword Kenzaki Makoto
Cure Ace Madoka Aguri
  • Smile Pretty Cure
Cure Happy Hoshizora Miyuki
Cure Sunny Hino Akane
Cure Peace Kise Yayoi
Cure March Midorikawa Nao
Cure Beauty Aoki Reika
  • Suite Pretty Cure♪
Cure Melody Hojo Hibiki
Cure Rhythm Minamino Kanade
Cure Beat Ellen Kurokawa/Siren
Cure Muse Shirabe Ako
  • Heartcatch Pretty Cure
Cure Blossom Hanasaki Tsubomi
Cure Marine Kurumi Erika
Cure Sunshine Myoudouin Itsuki
Cure Moonlight Tsukikage Yuri
  • Fresh Pretty Cure
Cure Peach Momozono Love
Cure Berry Aono Miki
Cure Pine Yamabuki Inori
Cure Passion Higashi Setsuna
  • Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!
Cure Dream Yumehara Nozomi
Cure Rouge Natsuki Rin
Cure Lemonade Kasugano Urara
Cure Mint Akimoto Komachi
Cure Aqua Minazuki Karen
Milky Rose Mimino Kurumi
  • Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
Cure Bloom/Cure Bright Hyuuga Saki
Cure Egret/Cure Windy Mishou Mai
  • Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
Cure Black Misumi Nagisa
Cure White Yukishiro Honoka
Shiny Luminous Kujou Hikari


Mascots are from the seasons featured.

Movie only characters

Pretty Cure

  • Sakagami Ayumi (坂上 あゆみ Sakagami Ayumi) / Cure Echo (キュアエコー Kyua Ekō)

Villains/The Nightmare Realm

Akuo (アクする Akuo)

Akuo is a malevolent being that serves under Akumu, the All Stars - Broken dream movie mini series's main villain. Akuo sends out Yumemiruhitos to devour dreams to fuel their master's hunger.

Yumemiruhitos (夢見る人 Yumemiruhito)


No minor characters that are movie only



Vocal Albums

Soundtrack Albums




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