Pretty Cure All Stars Miracle Stage 3: MMORPG o Taosu!
プリキュアオールスターズミラクルステージ3: MMORPGを倒す!
Purikyua Oru Sutāzu Mirakuru Sutēji 3: MMORPG o Taosu!
General Information
SeriesPrism Rainbow Pretty Cure!
Sparkle! Love Pretty Cure
Paradise Pretty Cure Sweet Love
Season Wonder Pretty Cure!
Goddess Elementals Pretty Cure!
Crystal Bloom Pretty Cure
Created byIAEJFPGforever
Created onMarch 24, 2015

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  • The plot line in similar to the first season of Sword Art Online. Where the players get trap in a game and the only way to escape if to defeat the game itself.

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