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"The emissary of creation, Cure Fanseries!"
Welcome to Pretty Cure Fanseries Wiki!

The wiki for all fan series of the anime Pretty Cure that anyone can create and join. We hope you enjoy the wiki! Don't forget to stop by the Pretty Cure Fanseries Wiki:Policy to see what you can and can't do here. 

  • Arienai?! There are a total of 200 Cures on this wiki!
  • There are now 260+ pages on this wiki!
  • There are Pretty Cure All Stars movies coming up next year! It is decided!
  • There are 12 contributors!
  • Pretty Cure +'s successor is revealed! It is to called, Pretty Cure Miracle +!
    • The author of the series, User:CureHibiki reveals that the sequel will not be created until she has done a lot of work on Pretty Cure +. So stay tuned to her current series!
  • Ultra Happy! There are 43 fan series!
  • Prism Pretty Cure! the story has also been published!
  • Midnight Grace Pretty Cure! is cancelled?!
  • A new Pretty Cure series, Bright Pretty Cure! is coming to this wiki!!! Hold on to your hats because the director, CureHibiki promises it'll be a good series for her arrival back!
Which of the series on this wiki is your favorite so far?

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Wiki Records

These are the Pretty Cure Fan Series Records as of May 18, 2016.

Most Number of Cures in One Series

Most Number of Fan Series

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