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Contents Edit

Total songs: 18

Track # Title Time
01 Moonlight and Sunshine 3:03

Second Character song for Tsukino Usagi

02 Frozen in Thoughts 4:00

Second Character song for Mizuno Ami

03 Redux Flame 3:30

Second Character song for Hino Rei

04 Rainy Day Thunder 4:12

Second Character song for Kino Makoto

05 Luz Del Amor 4:30

Second Character song for Aino Minako

06 Destination: Moon 2:20

First Character song for Cure Moon

07 Plan: Mercury 2:20

First Character song for Cure Mercury

08 Command: Mars 2:20

First Character song for Cure Mars

09 Attack: Jupiter 2:20

First Character song for Cure Jupiter

10 Lead: Venus 2:20

First Character song for Cure Venus

11 Moonlight's Reflection in Your Eyes 4:05

First Character song for Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask

12 Friends + Glow 2:20

Duo of Umino and Naru

13 Serene 3:58

First Character song for Luna

14 Your Hero 3:40

First Character song for Artemis

15 I'm Going Down 4:08

Group song for the Four Heavenly Kings

16 There is no HOPE 4:08

First and Final Character song for Queen Beryl

17 Moonlight's Final Goodbye 2:30

Second Character song for Queen Serenity

18 War: Crystal 6:30

Protagonist group song

Trivia Edit

  • It costs ¥9149.01 (or $80.50 in America, $104.48 in Canada, €70.46 in Europe, and/or £62.06 in the UK) making it more expensive than the previous vocal album.
  • This has two different CDs; 6 songs each.

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