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Season Wonder Pretty Cure!
Shīzun Wandā Purikyua!
General Information
Created byJanuary 20, 2015
Created onUser: IAEJFPGforever
Series Info
Theme(s)Seasons, happiness, jewels, and keys
PredecessorParadise Pretty Cure Sweet Love
SuccessorNatural Pretty Cure!

Season Wonder Pretty Cure! (シーズンワンダープリキュア!Shīzun Wandā Purikyua!) is the 5th series in the strong User:IAEJFPGforever's Pretty Cure Franchise. Its motif is the 4 seasons: Autumn, Spring, Summer, and Winter.



Pretty Cure


Dark Mix

Supporting Characters





  • This is the first series in the Forever Franchise having keys as one of the themes.
  • This is the second series in IAEJFPGforever's franchise to have a series somewhat based on another anime.
  • Season Wonder! is somewhat based on TokiDoki Brigade, a fanime by Maybear97.
    • But as of now, TokiDoki Brigade's name has changed to Supernova.


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