Shimmer Sensation Pretty Cure!
シマー センセーションープリキュア!
Shima Senseshon Purikyua!
General Information
Created byLeenaCandy
Created onApril 22, 2015
NetworkAhim Anime
Original RunFebruary 6, 2017 - January 23, 2018
Opening SongGlittering Fantasy
Ending SongHappy Rainbow Medley (episodes 1 -24)
La Concerta de Coleours (episodes 25 - 49)
Series Info
PredecessorElectric Shock Pretty Cure!
SuccessorFutari wa Pretty Cure Super Taisen

Shimmer Sensation Pretty Cure! (シマー センセーションープリキュア! Shima Senseshon Purikyua!?) is a Japanese magical girl anime series produced by Toei Animation and the unofficial installment to the Pretty Cure series. It is directed and written by LeenaCandy. It was replaced Electric Shock Pretty Cure! and it is initial slot. The season's motifs are Jewels, Colors, Rainbows, Idols, and Magic. Also, in each Cure had form changes.

Speculations (from creator)

  • Planning for a mysterious cure named, but it reveals later and a civilian was first appearance in episode 23. But it was died at the end of episode.
  • It was revealed that the Cures had a three upgrade forms, a Rainbow Form, a Prism Form (from the movie), and a Colorful form (at the middle-end of the episode).


The twelve Magic Gems have been storaged from the Magical Box in the Colorful World. But it was scattered by a black goo and hydrochloric acid, which combined from the spell and were missed. Vivid, Metallic, Neon, and Pastel must find the twelve Pretty Cure of magic, color, and idol so the twelve jewels of magic can be found in Fantaisie Petillante. But the first, a transfered student named Mojiretsu Yumi, which she was the happy-go-lucky in the team. Until she was scared by a monster named Kokushibiyo, a monster-like creature named Vivid of Colorful World who grabbed a Colorful Pact and a Idol Card and transforms into Cure Ribbon! Yumi, along with other eleven girls to against Black King, who he is planing to using the Magic Gems to destroy everything on our universe!


Pretty Cures

These twelve girls were chosen as the legendary warriors Pretty Cure because of their smiles, colors, idols, and courage in their hearts. They are to battle against Shadow Empire and stop them from stealing Magic Gems so they can't revive their love, smile, pop, and dazzle. They were transform with the Rainbow Compact (レインボーコンパクト Reinbo Konpakuto?) and shout the phrase "Let's Mix! Pretty Cure! Sparkling Pop! GO!!" (レッツミックス!プリキュア!スパークリングポップ! GO !! Rettsu Mikusu! Purikyua! Supakuringu Poppu! GO!!?).

Mojiretsu Yumi (文字列 弓 Mojiretsu Yumi?) / Cure Ribbon (キュアリッボンー Kyua Ribbon?)

Voiced by: Moritaka Ai
Nicknamed as YuYu. Yumi is very cheerful, helpful, cute girl who loves to smile. She is also the second IQs of all but she is the lowest IQs in sports. Her theme color is pink and her powers are realated to healing and happiness. Her form change is Pinky Tutu (ピンキーチュチュ Pinki Tutu?).

  • Kirakira! The Lovely Pink Heart of Happiness! Cure Ribbon!

Otogibanashi Hiragi (おとぎ話ヒイラギ Otogibanashi Hiragi?) / Cure Holly (キュアホリー Kyua Hori?)

Voiced by: Kinoshita Ayumi
Hiragi is very strict but very smart student council in Fantaisie Petillante de Echole Privee. Hiragi is very elegant, loves to read books, and she is very rich. Her theme color is cyan and her powers are related to skies. Her form change is Aquamarine Fandago (アクアマリンファンダンゴ Akuamarin Fandango?).

  • Kirakira! The Lovely Cyan Heart of Sky! Cure Holly!

Netsuretsuna Kirameki (熱烈 きらめき Netsuretsuna Kirameki?) / Cure Glow (キュアグロー Kyua Guro?)

Voiced by: Kai Asami
Kirameki is very loves to cooking rice cakes in Pastel Crémeuse Restaurant. She is also loves to eating and helping by the work. Her theme color is yellow and her powers are realated to light. Her form change is Creamy Carinosa (クリーミーカーリーノサ Kurimi Karinosa?).

  • Kirakira! The Lovely Yellow Heart of Light! Cure Glow!

Shinrin Matsu (森林 待つ Shinrin Matsu?) / Cure Forest (キュアフォレスト Kyua Foresuto?)

Voiced by: Beppu Ayumi
Matsu is very caring, calm girl who loves to caring and planting the enviroment. She is loves to also smells the flowers and she dreams to be a botanist. Her theme color is green and her powers are related to nature. Her form change is Carnation Waltz (カーネーションワルツ Kaneshon Warutsu?).

  • Kirakira! The Lovely Green Heart of Nature! Cure Forest!

Gassho Utano (歌の合唱 Gassho Utano?) / Cure Chorus (コーラス Kyua Korasu?)

Voiced by: Toyosaki Aki
Utano is half Korean - Japanese girl which she is very popular idol. She is very loves to sing and playing the instruments in the school. Her theme color is violet/purple and her powers are realated to music. Her form change is Lavender Diva (ラベンダーヂーバ Rabenda Diba?).

  • Kirakira! The Lovely Violet Heart of Music! Cure Chorus!

Miraiji Tokei (未来じ 時計 Miraiji Tokei?) / Cure Polarid (キュアポラロイド Kyua Poraroido?)

Voiced by: Ishihara Atsumi
Tokei is very historic, tomboy girl who loves to studying with Yumi. She lives with her grandparents at Horloge Avenir Antique Shop and she loves to read historic books. Her theme color is orange and her powers are related to time. Her form change is Tango Tangelo (タンゴタンジェロ Tango Tanjero?).

  • Kirakira! The Lovely Orange Heart of Time! Cure Polaroid!

Fukai Kaiyo (深い 海よ Fukai Kaiyo?) / Cure Ocean (キュアオシャンー Kyua Oshan?)

Voiced by: Konno Ayuri
Kaiyo is the Vice President in Fantasie Petillante Echole Privee. Kaiyo is behaved, noble girl who lives in Tahiti Island as a surfer, which her father was a lifeguard. Her theme color is blue and her powers are related on water and ice. Her form change is Tahitian Dodger (タヒチアンードジャー Tahitian Doja?).

  • Kirakira! The Lovely Blue Heart of Water! Cure Ocean!

Bakufu Haretsu (爆風破裂 Bakufu Haretsu?) / Cure Blast (キュアブラスト Kyua Burasuto?)

Voiced by: Shimoyamada Ayuka
Haretsu is tomboyish girl who disqualified in school many times due to her studies. She is very loves to play sports, video games, and eating snacks. Her theme color is red and her powers are related to fire. Her form change is Scarlet HipHop (スカレッチーヒップホップ Sukaretto Hippu Hoppu?).

  • Kirakira! The Lovely Red Heart of Fire! Cure Blast!

Senkai Mawasu (旋回回す Senkai Mawasu?) / Cure Swivel (キュアスイベル Kyua Suiberu?)

Voiced by: Misaki Ayame
Senkai is very fan of soccer, looks like a bit of tomboy. She is very strongest and excels at skills. Her theme color is peach and her powers are related to air. Her form change is Coral Cheer (コラルチアー Koraru Chia?). She is the most powerful in the team.

  • Kirakira! The Lovely Peach Heart of Winds! Cure Swivel!

Shinjitsu Kan (真実感 Shinjitsu Kan?) / Cure Truth (キュアトルト Kyua Toruto?)

Voiced by: Kato Emiri
Kan is Christian girl who loves to read bible. She is very thanking and praying for God and she lives to join her friends instead of addicts. Her theme color is lime and her powers are related to feelings. Her form change is Minty Sakura (ミンチサクラ Minti Sakura?).

  • Kirakira! The Lovely Lime Heart of Feelings! Cure Truth!

Takino Kiri (滝の霧 Takino Kiri?) / Cure Mist (キュアミスト Kyua Misuto?)

Voiced by: Iitoyo Marie
Kiri is looks like a magician, which she is the big fan of magic. She is very tricky, famous girl who loves to tricking the magic and spells in the stage. Her theme color is indigo and her powers are related to spells. Her form change is Periwrinkle Bolero (ペリウィンクルボレロ Perouwinkuru Borero?).

  • Kirakira! The Lovely Indigo Heart of Spells! Cure Mist!

Ryoku Denki (力電気 Ryoku Denki?) / Cure Electron (キュアエレクツリンー Kyua Erekkuturon?)

Voiced by: Oikawa Nao
Denki is looks like tomoyish girl, who loves to repairing gadgets. She is very cool, funky girl who loves to solving problems and fixing things. Her theme color is cadmium and her powers are related to technology. Her form change is Dandelion Samba (ダンデリオンーサンバー Danderion Sanba?). She is the last member in the team.

  • Kirakira! The Lovely Cadmium Heart of Technology! Cure Electron!

Colorful World

Vivid (ビビッド Bibiddo?)

The playful and energetic of all mascot. He ends with ~bido!.

Neon (ネオン Neon?)

The oldest and he is calm of all mascots. He ends with ~eon!.

Pastel (パステル Pasuteru?)

The youngest and cutest of all mascots. She ends with ~eru!.

Metallic (メタリック Metarikku?)

The lovely and cheerful of all mascots. She ends with ~kira!.

NijiIro (虹色 NijiIro?)

A mysterious mascot who appears in episode 23. He is mysterious and most powerful mascot of all. He was also as a partner of unknowned colorful cure.

Shadow Empire

Black King (暗い王 Kurai O?)

The main villain in the season. He steals the Idol Gemstone to destroy the whole universe.

Dark (ダーク Daku?)

The first general. His power is greeses.

Shadow (シャドー Shado?)

The second general. His power is shadows.

Hue ( Hu?)

The third general. Her power is the the saturations.

Shade (シェード Shedo?)

The fourth general. His power is the dull colors.

Tint (チンート Tinto?)

The fifth general. Her power is the erasers.

Retro (レトロ Retoro?)

The last and sixth general. His power is the death.

Kokushibyo (黒死病 Kokushibyo?)

The monsters in the season.

Minor Characters

Akarui Niji (明るい虹 Akarui Niji?)

One of the Cures' friends (especially for Yumi).

== Items ==Rainbow Compact (レインボーコンパクト Reinbo Konpakuto?)

The Cures' transformation item. The compact was same as Linkrun or Fortune Piano. The Cures speaking the phrase, Let's Mix! Pretty Cure! Sparkling Pop! GO!!.

Gemstone Microphones (ジェムストーンマイクロポンー Jemusuton Maikuropon?)

The Cures' weapon. It can sings by an enemy to purified. Or might be used as rod or sword. If there are form changed version, there had a bow, maracas, pompoms, paintbrush, etc.

Magic Gems (マジックジェム Majikku Jemu?)

The Cures' main collectable items. It can be activated as transformation, attack or form change if used. After the monster was destroyed, it was storaged.

Melodic Box (メロディック·ボックス Merodikku Bokkusu?)

The Cures' power-up box to became the Colorful Form. Also, it can be used as the storaging item for Magic Gems.



  • Shimmer Sensation is the first series to have the theme colours of pink, cyan, yellow, green, violet, orange, blue, red, peach, lime, indigo, and cadmium as the main colours for the protagonists.
  • This is the first season to had hot-colored hair/eyes in civilian and pale-colored hair/eyes in Cure form for cures.
  • This is the fourth season to had a blue cure to be a president.







Pretty Cure All Stars Elemagika 2: Eien no Kokoro (プリキュアオールスターズエレマジカ:永遠の心 Pretty Cure All Stars Elemagika: The Heart of Eternity?)

This is the second of "Elemagika" version of all-stars movies. This movie about the future cures, who had great grandaughters of all over 100 years. The movie includes the characters (sans NijiIro) to gaining the Eternity form. Heres the future-like cures.

  • YuuYuu / Cure String
  • Ragi / Cure Nixie
  • Meki-nessan / Cure Beam
  • Ma-chan / Cure Maple
  • Utah / Cure Sonata
  • Toto-run / Cure Kodak
  • Kaka / Cure Sea
  • Harechu-nessan / Cure Bomb
  • Mawa-san / Cure Turn
  • Ka-ran / Cure Feeling
  • Gichaan / Cure Mystic
  • Dede / Cure Nuclear



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