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Takako Shirogane
Shirogane Takako
Go! Universal Defender Pretty Cure!
Personal Info
Age20 (Hydra Moon Mission)

21 (Currently)

SpeciesHuman with a cybernetic left arm
BirthdayJuly 6th
Blood TypeO-
Hair ColorBlack with white stripe (Civilian)

Very dark purple that is mistaken for black with white tips (Cure Sky)

Eye ColorGray
FamilyCurrently unstated
Home PlaceTokyo, Japan, Earth (Previously)

The Altean palace (Currently)

First AppearanceGUDPC01
Voice Actor(s)Hamasaki Etsuko (Jap)

Lane Sameul (Eng)

Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Sky
PowerAir and sky
WeaponHer cybernetic left arm
LoyaltyAltea and their allies
Theme ColorBlack, leader
Takako Shirogane, or to others known as Shiro.

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Her appearance guide

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