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Sparkle! Love Pretty Cure
スパークル! ラブプリキュア
Supākuru! Rabu Purikyua
General Information
Created byMikitoku Lushikato
Created onDecember 19, 2014
Original RunUndecided
Opening SongSparkle! Love Pretty Cure! Here We Go!
Ending SongMagical Prism!
Series Info
Theme(s)Fashion and music
PredecessorPrism Rainbow Pretty Cure!
SuccessorLovely Paradise Pretty Cure

Sparkle! Love Pretty Cure (スパークル! ラブプリキュア Supākuru! Rabu Purikyua) is the second series in IAEJFPGforever's Pretty Cure franchise. It's about seven middle school girls who have a fashionable sense mixed up with the wonderful sounds of clothes. The main antagonists want to make the world full of noise and dullness. It's motif is fashion and music.



Pretty Cure

  • Eguchi Momoko (江口 桃子 Eguchi Momoko) / Cure Amore (キュアアモーレ Kyua Amōre) : the lead Cure for this series. She's a Happy-Go-Lucky girl who loves the lovely style. She and Kyo got enrolled at the fashion school, Sparkle Jewel Academy.
  • Shimizu Kyo (清水 居 Shimizu Kyo) / Cure Pop (キュアポップ Kyua Poppu) : the second Cure in the series. Kyo is Momoko's childhood friend and grew up together. Kyo suggests for the two of them to join Sparkle Jewel Academy. Kyo is a cheerful girl who pretty much knows a lot about the famous students in the academy.
  • Akamine Rie (赤嶺 理恵 Akamine Rie) / Cure Cool (キュアクール Kyua Kūru) : Rie is a very famous idol in town. Although she is hot-tempered and isn't used to talking with people. As she meets with Momoko and Kyo, she starts to be able to do so. Rie is also a model in Go Wild, a cool-type brand.
  • Igarashi Akira (五十嵐 あきら Igarashi Akira) / Cure Sexy (キュアセクシー Kyua Sekushī)
  • Furutani Chou (古谷 長 Furutani Chou) / Cure Feminine (キュアフェミニン Kyua Feminin)
  • Goda Umeko (五打 梅子 Goda Umeko) / Cure Ethnic (キュアエスニック Kyua Esunikku)
  • Miyasaki Suzu (宮先 スズ Miyasaki Suzu) / Cure Star (キュアスター Kyua Sutā)


  • Fedoran
  • Blousan
  • Glowran
  • Jewel : the Cures' teacher for their Fashionable Music Lessons. She's a dog-like mascot and can turn human.


Supporting Characters


  • Pitch Perfume : a rectangular perfume used for the Cures to transform. They transform by yelling out, "Music Play! Pretty Cure, Jewel Style Start!".
  • Prism Cards : the main collectibles in the series. It is used for the Cures to transform, and other special abilities. Once all the Prism Cards are collected, it will revive Queen Jewel, the queen of the land of fashion.
  • Fashionable Music Commune : a phone-like device used to call out Jewel by using a certain Prism Card; depending on what type of lesson it is.




  • The Cure's names are a reference to the themes in Pretty Rhythm. Except that Amore is French for lovely since there is already a Cure Lovely in the franchise, who is from Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!.
    • Not just the Cures' name are a reference, but everything about the series is a reference to that series.
  • The series is supposed to have a sequel named, "Sparkle! Love Pretty Cure Musical Star". But the idea wasn't used since she decided to have a sequel on the third series.
  • Since the old idea was having Sparkle! Love to have a sequel, Cure Star was supposed to be a non-cure named Glowing Star.
    • Since this was scrapped, they just used Glowing Star for the non-cure of Futari wa Pretty Cure Shining Harmony LEVEL UP!!!.
  • This is the first series in Forever's Franchise where the Cures attend a boarding school instead of a public school.
  • This is the first series where a perfume is a transformation device of the Cures.
  • This is the first series where the Cures use cards to transform.
  • Forever states that this is like a mix of Suite and Go! Princess.
  • Their transformation somehow looks similar to the ones in Aikatsu!.


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