Sunny Spot Pretty Cure!
サニースポットプリキュア !
Sani Supotto Purikyua!
General Information
Created byUser: MGPCCureHip-Hop
Created onMarch 07, 2015
Original RunUndecided
Opening SongSummer Summer! Sunny Spot Pretty Cure!
Ending SongBye! Bye! Summer!
Series Info
Theme(s)Summer and Beach
PredecessorMagical Pretty Cure!
SuccessorWedding Pretty Cure!

Sunny Spot Pretty Cure! is the second series in MGPCCureHip-Hop ' s Pretty Cure Fanseries franchise. It's about four girls who loves the beach and wants to protect each other. The main antagonist wants to make the world into a dirty place.



Pretty Cure


  • Sandy-This series main mascot. Sandy is a dog like fairy that princess sunny sent to the earth to find the 4 pretty cures! He ends his sentence with "San-san".

Dirty Commanders

Supporting Characters

  • Princess Sunny- The princess of the summerbeach kingdom that's sleeping for years. She's also the one who gives the sunny pact for the cures.


  • Sunny Pact: The transformation item of the cures! They transform by yelling out "PRECURE, SUNNY MAKE-UP!"





  • Three of the four cures in this series shares there surnames with Nao and Akane from Smile Pretty Cure!.
  • MGPCCureHip-Hop said that IAEJFPGforever is the one who gave the theme and the names Cure Sunlight and Cure Coconut of this series. So Hip-Hop wants to say thanks to her.


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