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Tomoe Hotaru
土萠 ほたる
Tomoe Hotaru
Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S,

Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: Stars

Personal Info
Age12 (Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S) </br>New born age (end of Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S till the first 3 episodes of Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS) </br> 5 (PSPCSS04 but was not shown until [PSPCSS07) </br> ~9-10 (Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS andPretty Soldier Pretty Cure: Stars)
BirthdayJanuary 6
Blood TypeB
Height147 cm (4'10")
Hair ColorBlack (both Hotaru and Cure Saturn)
Eye ColorPurple
FamilyTomoe Souichi (father, deceased)

Tomoe Keiko (mother, deceased)

Home PlaceTokyo
First AppearancePSPCS00
Voice Actor(s)Fujii Yukiyo
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Saturn
PowerDestruction and rebirth
WeaponSilence Gliave
LoyaltyPretty Cure

The Moon Kingdom </br>Crystal Tokyo

Theme ColorPurple

Hotaru is the final PreCure in Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S to be introduced but has multiple other PreCure in the other seasons she's in to be introduced afterwords and is from Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: Stars. She attended Mugen Academy in Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S until she was reborn. Hotaru is a shy and very frail young girl that was possessed by Mistress 9 and the soldier of destruction and rebirth. After rebirth at the end of Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S, she is adopted by Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna. She is Chibiusa's best-friend and loves her like a sister.

Hotaru's dark side alter ego is Cure Saturn (キュアサターン Kyua Satān) and as Cure Saturn her main color is purple. Cure Saturn represents destruction and rebirth. Her powers are the usual enhanced speed and jumping, but she has other powers such as destroying entire planets, rebirth, and she is considered to be the most dangerous and deadly PreCure.

Her catchphrase (after transformation) is "The one that brings forth destruction and rebirth! Cure Saturn!" (破壊と再生をもたらすもの! キュアサターン! Hakai to saisei o motarasu mono! Kyuasatān!)

Personal information Edit

  • Name: Hotaru Tomoe
  • Birthday: January 6[1]
  • Zodiac: Capricorn[2]
  • Height: 147 cm (4'10")[3]
  • Blood type: B[4]

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