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Tsukino Chibiusa
Tsukino Chibiusa
Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: R,

Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: Stars

Personal Info

7-10 (appearance)

SpeciesAdvanced human

Magical girl

BirthdayJune 30
Blood TypeO
Hair ColorBrown (Civilian disguise)

Pink (Cure Chibi Moon, true hair color)

Eye ColorBrown (Civilian disguise)

Red (Cure Chibi Moon, true eye color)

FamilyNeo-Queen Serenity,
Home PlaceCrystal Tokyo, Neo Earth

Azabu-Juuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo

First AppearancePSPCR11
Voice Actor(s)Fuken Misato
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Chibi Moon
WeaponPreCure Pink Moon Stick (Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S)

The Crystal Carillon (Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS) PreCure Neo Moon Kaleidoscope (Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS) PreCure Eternal Pink Star staff (Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: Stars)

LoyaltyPretty Cure

Crystal Tokyo

Theme ColorPink

Chibiusa is the final PreCure to appear in Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: R however there is more PreCure following after her in later seasons. She's from Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: R, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: S, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: SuperS, Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure: Stars. She attends Juuban Primary School with her friends, Momoko, Kyuusuke, and Sorano. She bares a striking resemblance to Usagi in her civilian form. Before she went to the 21st century she was friends with Cure Pluto but soon became friends with the other PreCure and her current friends she goes to school with.

Her alter ego is Cure Chibi Moon (キビ・ムーンを治す Kyua Chibi Mūn) and her main color is pink making her the officially pink PreCure of the Pretty Soldier Pretty Cure series. She represents the moon and justice. Her powers are enhanced jumping and speed like her teammates but she has a few other powers such as super sonic waves and healing abilities much like her mother.

Her catchphrase (after transformation) is "The guardian-in-training of love and justice! Cure Chibi Moon!" (愛と正義の守護者養成! ちびムーンを治す! Ai to seigi no gādian yōsei! Kyua Chibi Mūn!)

Personal information Edit

  • Name: Usagi "Chibiusa" Tsukino
  • Birthday: June 30 [1]
  • Zodiac: Cancer [2]
  • Height: 3'6"-4'5" [3]
  • Blood type: O [4]

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