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  • AkihsulKaz

    Hi, everyone! It's been nearly a year since my previous blog post, and months since I visited this wiki. First of all, welcome to the new editors! Nice to see people roaming around here. Anyways, let's just get to the main point since old members are probably used on how much I come back and leave and come back over and over again.

    Firstly, as you read in the title, I would like to talk about Spectrum Harmony Pretty Cure!, or SHPC for short. First of all, I haven't been very active in the Pretty Cure fandom even before A la Mode premiered (and I haven't even watched at least an episode of it) and I have been hugely influenced by various fandoms between my break in this fandom. I kinda changed, I guess. Looking back in SHPC, the series was r…

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  • AkihsulKaz

    Alright so, if there's still anyone alive in this wiki, as you can see, I am right now renaming a lot of my pages, specifically Spectrum Harmony!. Last May 12th I asked if I should rename my series Prism Rainbow Pretty Cure! to either Spectrum Jewel Pretty Cure! or Spectrum Harmony Pretty Cure! and SHPC was the chosen name. Now after that I eventually did renamed PRPC to SHPC and all those stuff. Then I got inactive, I got active a month later when school has begun but lasted for bit since I only just kind of checked activity at that point. A few days after that post I eventually stopped checking on this wiki due to my focus on school activities. 

    Now last week a friend of mine who works with me with Goddess Elementals! suddenly chatted at …

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  • AkihsulKaz

    Hallo! So, it's been a while again since I've been on this (again). But I see we're still quite editing so that's cool. For the mods, keep up trying to make this better while I'm not around and for the others, just, continue what you're doing!

    I can't be on as much because school has started last week or so, and it's quite stressful; and I thought sixth grade was enough.

    I am checking wiki activity almost daily, so I know at least there's some things I might need to know, so don't worry. I also try to check a lot of the wiki in weekends when I have no assignments.

    I hope we continue this improvement!

    Another thing is about my franchise. I dunno if I said this already though, but I would like to talk about merging my two franchises. And those f…

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  • AkihsulKaz

    PRPC New Name?

    May 12, 2016 by AkihsulKaz

    I was thinking about Prism Rainbow Pretty Cure!'s title for a while, I mean, it's a great title, but I think it's too obvious much? Considering their forms are literally Prism and Rainbow. Soooo.....I might change it.

    I searched for synonyms for each word in which I realized prism+rainbow is somehow spectrum. Spectrum Pretty Cure is then the new name. Though I feel like it is lonely so I'm adding a new word into it. Spectrum is more on the color side so I thought of Spectrum Jewel. There are also Spectrum Harmony, Harmony to relate to the friendship motif. So it's somehow a debate between Spectrum Jewel or Spectrum Harmony. What do you guys think?

    EDIT: So I decide to use Spectrum Harmony to show the friendship motif of the series, sooo yeah…

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  • AkihsulKaz

    Ok so it's been a while, guys, anyways, I have thought that every music in Homestuck PreCure will be music from Homestuck, and that includes the transformation themes. Now I wanna have a separate/different transformation theme per cure/troll. The group transformation, now I'm thinking of using Rex Duodecim Angelus or either some sort of a medley thing of their respective transformation themes. I'm thinking of making the kids join in as Cures but their powers would be the same as the trolls. But just in case I have thought of some for them too. So here is the list:

    1. Karkat Vantas / Cure Blood- Showdown (this sounds more of a strife music [considering it's the strife music used in FANDOMALPHA and the title is somehow a synonym for strife] b…

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