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  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on July 12
  • My occupation is Singing
  • I am Female
  • CureHibiki


    March 28, 2015 by CureHibiki

    Hey guys >u< Guess what! I'm back and ready to create more series! And on this blog, I'm going to announce the series name, the team's group introduction, the main motifs and it's plot! Please welcome Bright Pretty Cure! whose main motifs are Rainbows, Flowers and Gemstones

    "Flowers Bloom! Bright Pretty Cure!"
    "Hanasaku! Buraito Purikyua!"

    The rainbow in the big blue sky has began to fade away but what is the reason? The Rainbow Flower is beginning to wilt! Anti-Dark, an enemy born from the ancient Dark Flower, has appeared and plans on making the Rainbow Flower wilt even more so the rainbow disappears and darkness spreads throughout Earth! But, the protector of the Rainbow Flower sends seven new spirits born from the col…

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  • CureHibiki


    December 22, 2014 by CureHibiki

    Okay! I just added Kingdom Hearts: Pretty Cure Wielders! to the poll. If you voted last time, you're gonna have to vote again. So, happy voting and maybe the favourite series could go on the front page~

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  • CureHibiki


    December 10, 2014 by CureHibiki

    Hello guys. I'm CureHibiki! I just made this blog to say hello to you all! I cannot wait to start becoming active here as a user and helping this wiki grow and grow into such a big fan wiki for the Pretty Cure franchise! If you would like to chat with me, feel free to start a conversation on my message wall. 

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