Utsukushi Hanayome is a girl from 15 to 17 years old and loves bridal dresses from bridesmaids and wanted to marry 17 and loves pink and wanted to date at age 17 then. She is also president of her ballet school noble academy a school where the students always have a ballet dream. Until one day it looks like a cat and she calls herself samilly and she needs the precures so she turns in the cure beautiful with love power she She says, precure my sweet beautiful heart until the precure are going to be the princesses of fairy tales and she chooses the cinderella with her transformation as cinderella she has a power, precure beautiful heart cinderela and ask for help to Hanataba Arata and Sakuro Ringo that transform In the cure bouquet and cure ring that turn into snow white and the sleeping beauty and its final transformation is angel kiss.

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