Wedding Pretty Cure!
Wedingu Purikyua!
General Information
Created byUser: MGPCCureHip-Hop
Created onMarch 07, 2015
Original RunUndecided
Opening SongGo! Wedding!
Ending SongNewlyweds! Go!
Series Info
Theme(s)Wedding and flowers
PredecessorSunny Spot Pretty Cure!
SuccessorOpen-Up Pretty Cure!

Wedding Pretty Cure! is the third series in MGPCCureHip-Hop 's Pretty Cure Fanseries franchise. It's about three popular girls who's chosen to save the world from the relationtroyers! The main antagonists wants to take the energy of a couples and turn it into kuchikus.

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

Pretty Cure Edit

Mascots Edit

Antagonists Edit

Supporting Characters Edit

Items Edit

  • Wedding Precure Card- The Cures Transformation item. It's a card where there's a picture of the cures outfit. They transform by yelling out "Pretty Cure, Outfit Change"

Locations Edit

Merchandise Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first series of Hip-Hop's franchise where one of the themes are flowers.

References Edit

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