Earth Defense Pretty Cure!
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorBrown
Home PlaceLove Kingdom
First AppearanceEDPC01
Wombat (ウォンバット U~onbatto) is a wombat-like fairy mascot, the main mascot in Earth Defense Pretty Cure! His real name is still unknown. He is very sociable and clumsy, just like one of her partners, Cure Scarlet.

Personality Edit


History Edit

Wombat is actually the Prince of the Love Kingdom who came to Earth to find the newest Pretty Cure to stop the Loveless. Wombat appears to each girl giving them the Love Bracelets to transform.

Relationships Edit

Defense Club: A group of girls that form the newest Pretty Cure team. With Wombat possessing Ms. Takayama, to be their adviser. With each girls unique personality, he becomes greatly attached and they all become great friends.

Powers Edit

Wombat has the ability to posses humans and turn into a human.

Etymology Edit

Wombat (ウォンバット): From Dharug wambadwambaj, or wambag. It was originally written whom-batt in English.

Trivia Edit


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