Twinkle's Shooting Star DUK in Episode 17 "Let's do this!"
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Mytho! Mystic Force Pretty Cure
Age13 in human form
SpeciesCat Genie (Almost the whole of Mytho! Mystic Force Pretty Cure)

Human, magical girl (Towards the end of Mytho! Mystic Force Pretty Cure and to Starflash magic! Mystic Force Pretty Cure)

Hair ColorWhite with yellow spots
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceMorgoina
First AppearanceMMFPC01
Voice Actor(s)Fujito Shoko
LoyaltyGoodside of Morgoina
Theme ColorWhite and yellow
XiXi is the mascot/fairy of Mytho! Mystic Force Pretty Cure and later on a Cure herself. For information on her human and PreCure form go to Xixi (SMMFPC).

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